Debugging Teams: Groundhog Day

It’s all the same….

The symptoms of Groundhog Day:

The team is busy. The problem is not that the team isn’t engaged. They’re engaged. They are showing up and doing things every day. They may even be shipping features and completing projects. But somehow that work never seems to result in meaningful forward progress for the product or company.

Groundhog Day is a common symptom, but one that can have several different causes, such as:

A lack of long-term strategy. I guess you could see this one coming. If you really don’t know where you’re going, it’s easy to end up in an extremely reactive situation where the goalposts keep moving. And without a clear and concrete strategy, no one feels comfortable building something big and meaningful.

What to do?

All of these situations have different detailed approaches that you will need to apply to get out of them, but they all start with the same action: slow down.



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